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Saturday, March 2, 2024
In 2019, an entrepreneur explores rap's historical sites such as Rapunchline, Rap2France, and others with the intention of acquiring them. After several hesitations, Rapunchline rejects the proposition of this...

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In Bed With JD Sports !

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“P13 – If I Had”: A Poignant Odyssey Through the Depths of Guilt

The short film "P13 - If I Had," directed by Divercity Record, written by ZEZ XXI, and produced by P13, immerses us in the...

Para One recounts his childhood in a cult!

Para One recounts his childhood in a cult! Para One is a highly acclaimed DJ who gained recognition several years ago by retracing the...

Kofs launches his own serie !

After making a name for himself in the world of rap independently, Kofs arrives at Millenium for the first time with the track "Cette...

Actual People: Do We Understand Youth?

Actual People: Do We Understand Youth? Kit Zauhar is a young American filmmaker making her debut in cinema. In "Actual People," she depicts the...

Jeanne du Barry: the scaffold!

Jeanne du Barry: the scaffold!Maïwenn makes her grand return to French cinema with a daring work. By stepping into the shoes of this French...


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