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Partisan: The Hidden Face of the Community!

True detective, and notably its formidable first season, reshaped the landscape of “noir detective fiction.” The jury of Cannes Series in 2020 honored the series “Partisan”, directed and written by Amir Chamdin. The Swedish musician and artist also directed the film “God Willing” in 2006. The series tells the story of a man discovering the customs of a rural community in a closed town. The affair turns into a nightmare.

Partisan: The Hidden Face of the Community!

The screenplay was written by Amir Chamdin. In this regard, the director follows the principle of “Twin Peaks” by David Lynch. In the pilot of “Partisan,” we find Fares Fares in the midst of a perfect and welcoming community. The town that hosts Fares Fares and his two “Foster Kids” shines with its generosity, with its blonde, athletic, and ecological youth… Behind this facade of perfection, like Laura Palmer’s father suffering from dissociative personality disorder, like the village of Twin Peaks harboring secrets, and like its two twin mountains overlooking the town, there is a paradox in this community. The displayed perfection actually hides terrible truths.

Just like in “True Detective,” Fares Fares, who plays the role of an undercover agent in this community, suffers from his own traumas. As in the HBO series, the hero’s personal struggle comes face to face with his mission. And he constantly relives his trauma as if he had opened the gates of purgatory by passing through the iron fence of the Jordnära community. The series is like a tragedy unfolding in five acts, a short journey into horror paved with roses and flowers.

This series, honored at Cannes, is being rerun on Canal+, which is revisiting the event’s three years.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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