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Why is GHB wreaking havoc?

Why is GHB wreaking havoc? A few weeks ago, the #Balancetonbar movement was launched in several cities in France, notably in Cannes and Nice. This widespread movement on social media attests to the significance of this phenomenon, which has existed for many years. GHB is used to drug and assault young women (or young men) in bars, and over the past years, its importance has been growing.

Chain of Testimonies!

For instance, Nice Matin recently reported on a case dating back to 2017. Two weeks ago, two young women filed a complaint against an employee of What’s up Bar in Nice. In 2017, the man allegedly drugged them and took them to an unknown location before sexually assaulting them: “I woke up half-naked a few hours later in the basement apartment of a member of this bar.” However, this is by no means the only testimony. Why is GHB wreaking havoc?

In Paris, according to a very active DJ/YouTuber in the nightlife scene and on social media, the movement is gaining significant momentum. Recently, the Supersonic in Paris also witnessed an incident:

Is GHB supplied by drug dealers?

Pharmacists and health establishments are, of course, absolutely not authorized to provide GHB to their patients. The substance is impossible to obtain for an assailant who has no connection whatsoever with health establishments. However, if GHB is gaining popularity, could it be because the drug is starting to appear on the shelves of drug dealers? After a quick investigation into ordinary underground networks, it is observed that GHB appears multiple times and is even requested by several clients. So, why is GHB wreaking havoc?

According to all likelihood, the Dark Web also appears to be a significant lever for this kind of substance. The so-called anonymity provided by these networks reassures potential assailants in their pursuit of impunity. Several bars in Paris, Nice, Cannes, and elsewhere have implemented significant procedures to prevent these unfortunate situations.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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