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Gen Zu Clan’s Playlist !

Some rappers have experienced rapid success. After an “AfroTrap” freestyle circulated on social media, MHD became a star within 24 hours. With his debut solo album “Dans ma Paranoïa,” Jul asserted a style that would later become the essence of Marseille rap. The rappers from Marseille are currently competing for this style. This achievement doesn’t take away from their talent but sets them apart from a certain Gen Zu Clan.

While visiting Sevran and Montfermeil with former Newcastle football player Wesley Baheng, we observed the extent of the damage in the area. The native of Bondy told me that more than 15 years ago, there was nothing here. Indeed, abandoned by social services and the state, scorned by journalists from all sides, with a crime rate that rivals the activity rate, both cities symbolize a 93 forgotten by the authorities.

It’s no coincidence that these two cities also become symbols of renewal. In just a few years, Sevran has become the “Palace” of French Rap, replacing the Orly-Choisy-Vitry golden triangle. Propelled by Lady Ly’s film “Les Misérables,” which takes its title from Victor Hugo’s masterpiece, Montfermeil becomes a symbol of injustice. The first time I met the Gen Zu Clan was during the Generations Buzz concert. The group had just taken the stage at Cabaret Sauvage.

Thus, after this brief encounter, from struggles to successes, from triumphs to hardships, I witnessed their rise in power. From our initial meetings for the payment of the first promotional campaigns in front of my parents’ estate with just a few hundred euros, to their signing with Sony.

Today, they unveil the “Misérables” music video and announce a new album after “Roi de l’underground” (King of the Underground). Ladj Ly also dedicates a documentary to them. Some rappers don’t harbor resentment, as their story is our story. They have provided us with a list of their ten favorite tracks of the moment, a playlist that evokes a rich musical culture.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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