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Persistent Harassment of Soolking: The Truth

Ilhem Bouzid

harassing Soolking, has been sentenced by the Nice criminal court to 18 months in prison, six of which are to be served under house arrest with an electronic bracelet. However, after her sentencing, she allegedly fled to Dubai, evading French justice.

Context and Case Details

For several months, Soolking was the target of relentless harassment. Imane, known for her obsessive behavior, had already been taken into custody several times before her conviction. The court acknowledged her condition of “erotomanic delusion,” which drove her to unjustifiable obsession with the rapper. Imane’s relentless pursuit included falsifying a gynecologist’s order to claim she was pregnant with the rapper’s child, allegedly conceived in Dubai after a concert. These falsifications demonstrate her determination to harm Soolking.

Consequences and Rumors

Despite the court’s sentence, the situation appears to have worsened. Imane, now on the run in Dubai, continues to spread false rumors and harass Soolking on social media. She has used these platforms to try to damage the artist’s reputation, even suggesting that Soolking is the source of his own harassment.

Soolking’s and Authorities’ Response

In the face of these relentless attacks, Soolking remains determined to protect his integrity and reputation. His lawyers are working closely with French and international authorities to locate the fugitive and put an end to her malicious activities. Fans and the public are strongly encouraged to ignore these unfounded rumors and continue to support Soolking during this difficult time. The rapper remains focused on his music and future projects, despite the toxic atmosphere created by this situation.

Call for Vigilance

It’s essential for social media users to exercise caution and discernment regarding online information. The spread of false news and cyberbullying are serious issues requiring collective action and increased awareness.


The harassment case involving Soolking highlights the ongoing challenges related to privacy and online security. As authorities continue their efforts to apprehend Imane, the community is called upon to remain united and support Soolking in his quest for justice. This article aims to shed light on Soolking’s current situation and firmly condemn the harassment he faces.

Ilhem Bouzid

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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