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A Swedish gangster attempts to evade justice in Turkey!

A Swedish gangster attempts to evade justice in Turkey! Rawa Majid is the leader of the Foxtrot network. The details of the crimes he is suspected of have not been specified by the Swedish justice system. However, for many months now, Rawa Majid has sought refuge in Turkey. According to information revealed by BNN News, the alleged criminal is believed to be under the protection of high-ranking Turkish authorities. Additionally, it is known that the relations between Sweden and Turkey are complex. Ankara requests the extradition of certain Kurdish rebels who have found refuge in Sweden while, at the same time, refusing the country’s entry into the NATO system—a request supported by all Swedish political parties, except for extremists.

Rawa Majid’s situation is becoming increasingly precarious!

According to a recent report broadcast on Swedish public television SVT, the “Kurdish fox” allegedly attempted to leave Turkey for Italy using a forged passport dating back to 2021. By using this false identity, the man suspected of leading the Foxtrot network is said to have angered Ankara, which is seeking to revoke his Turkish citizenship, currently protecting him from extradition to Sweden.

Furthermore, as reported by SVT in the same broadcast, the “Kurdish fox” has also weakened his position within the criminal underworld. Many of his peers are said to have disapproved of the escalation of violence triggered by the onset of the Foxtrot crisis.

In reality, if Rawa Majid attempted to leave Turkey, it signifies that his situation in the country has become extremely precarious. It is a sign of vulnerability. However, for the time being, Ankara continues to exert pressure on Swedish diplomacy, possibly hoping to achieve a change in Sweden’s asylum policy.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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