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Koba La D and Zola groove in Mexico with “Temps en temps”!

Koba La D and Zola groove in Mexico with “Temps en temps“!Koba La D and Zola are teasing their joint project with the second extract from the album. With “Temps en Temps,” the two stars fly to Cancun, Mexico, for a certain “Frères ennemis” that shouldn’t be long in coming.

Koba La D and Zola groove in Mexico with “Temps en temps“!

Zola brought DJ Kore along. The sound is signed by A.W.A Music, just like this name tag that has been circulating for many years. DJ Kore is, in fact, older than his name tag. He has been active since the early 90s, crossing the rap scene with successes and hits. He is one of the few producers to have collaborated successively with Rohff and Booba. He is also responsible (among others) for the transformation of SCH after his signing with Def Jam, becoming a prominent figure in French rap. In other words, he is a behemoth in French rap. He reveals a Latin instrumental production totally in line with the spirit of the track, with a rhythm inspired by Baile Funk, a style that is becoming increasingly popular.

Zola and Koba La D excel in this exercise in a crazy atmosphere. The two men roam through Cancun, Mexico, setting the ghetto on fire. Both are capable of anything and have an immense repertoire. For the occasion, they chill in Cancun. The first extract from the album “Aller sans retour” is totally rap and totally street. Koba La D and Zola, switching from one style to another, deliver a true style exercise.

As on the first extract from the project, it’s Keasy who is at the helm in this clip, staged like a camera on board with the rappers. The director closely follows Guy2bezbar. He also directed his collaboration with SDM and the track “Guapa“.

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