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Myth Syzer and 8ruki unveil their collaboration on “R.E.P”!

Last Friday, Myth Syzer released the mixtape “R.E.P” featuring Cash Crime, 8ruki, J9nueve, Valee, and ICYTWAT. After a long break during the COVID-19 pandemic, Myth Syzer made a comeback with the project “Poison”. The mixtape “R.E.P” follows this project. The tracks by Myth Syzer form a cohesive whole with a unique creative approach. The rapper has never been one to follow trends. The artist reveals the visual for his collaboration with 8ruki.

Myth Syzer and 8ruki unveil their collaboration on “R.E.P”!

At the core of the track is a sample from the song “Les grands boulevards” originally sung by Yves Montand. Myth Syzer crafted the composition for this very modern track that seamlessly blends various influences. He starts the track with a vaporous autotuned rap, followed by 8ruki with a muffled voice.

The artist mixes in his lyrics a touch of egotrip with references to classic US rap:

"Plus l'temps, plus d'love story
        Qu'est-ce qu'elle ferait pas pour la fame ?
        J'me réveille avec la flemme"

The visual, shot in deserted urban locations, is directed by Mobiuvisio. The director had previously brought to life the visuals for “Shaggy” by Myth Syzer and “Plaza”.

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