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Dosseh & Tayc Unveil French Riviera: Watch Now

Dosseh and Tayc unveil French Riviera. Dosseh unveiled the project “Trop tôt pour mourir” after a brief musical hiatus. It all started with a short film in which Lo$$a staged his comeback. Then, the music took center stage with a stunning list of collaborations: Tiakola, Zed, Werenoi, Leto, Lacrim, Dinos, Momsii, Josman, and Tayc. With Dinos and Dosseh, the SPKTAQLR label once again demonstrates that it is at the top in terms of quality.

Dosseh continues to promote his project and unveils the video for his collaboration with Tayc on the track “French Riviera“. Departing from the style he had developed in his previous projects, this song marks the rapper’s foray into horizons he had explored little until now. The younger brother of Pit Baccardi, with whom he shares a love for well-crafted lyrics, entrusted Focus Beatz and Augustin Charnet with this piece.

Focus Beatz worked closely with Ziak and is one of the key players behind the “Akimbo” project, which gave birth to one of the major figures in Drill Music. As for Augustin Charnet, as a composer, he collaborated with Disiz, contributed to some of Dinos‘ productions, and produced “I Love You” by Rilès.

The production is both romantic, slightly groovy, and highly original. The two artists deliver an engaging ballad, accompanied by a video shot by Hustler Premium by the pool, who has been one of the most prominent rap directors for at least 10 years.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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