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Zed unveils “This one”!

The countdown has begun! On May 31st next, Zed from 13Block will unveil his album “Malcolm”. Stavo, Zed, Oldpee, the 13Block crew has embarked on solo ventures. The group’s strategy, having already announced that the sequel to “BLO II” is not in the immediate plans, might be reminiscent of the Wu Tang‘s approach before the release of “Wu-Tang Forever”. Nonetheless, the artist pays homage to “Malcolm X” by Spike Lee in an extraordinary video revealed simultaneously with the announcement of his eponymous project. Zed unveils “This one”, a plunge into his universe.

Zed unveils “This one”!

The musical composition of this track is signed by Belleck and Skillano. Like his brother Kore, Belleck holds significant sway over French rap. The influential figure at Morning Glory is currently shaping the career of a certain ZKR whose potential is skyrocketing. As a producer, he has greatly contributed to Lacrim‘s career, notably on tracks like “Gustavo Gaviria”, “Poutine”, or “On fait pas ça” featuring Lil Durk. Skillano has also closely collaborated with ZKR, notably on tracks like “Focus”, “Sang Froid”, and “Temps perdu”.

The production is original, with an evanescent piano sample and a catchy rhythm. The track oscillates between a certain melancholy and a powerful energy. The rapper delivers some punchlines that will be etched in memory, such as: “Tu passes aux aveux, aux aveux pendant que j’avoue à mon frère qu’je l’aime / Pas les mêmes principes ici, on n’a pas les mêmes classiques ici”. It’s a rap ballad, far from Urban Pop.

The visually stunning execution with its numerous effects was orchestrated by DigitalNak. Recently, the artist collaborated on the featuring between Dos Puntos and their elder SCH, as well as on the featuring between Mougli and Maes for “Nacré”.

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