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Zed adopts the codes of Malcolm X!

In 2022, Zed unveiled his EP “SOIXVNT3” in several parts featuring Guy2bezbar, Tiakola, Niska, and Stavo. The EP hinted at the release of his debut solo album. As Zed unveils the visual “Zeudeudé“, drawing much inspiration from Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X“, he also drops significant hints about his upcoming project. The project is titled “Malcolm” and will feature collaborations with SDM, Ziak, Zola, Nekfeu, and Laylow. The project will be available for pre-order on April 30.

Zed announces his debut album with “Zedeudé“!

After the release of “BLO II” by 13Block, fans were likely anticipating a third installment. However, Stavo, Zed, and Oldpee announced that the third part of “BLO” was not coming soon, and the members of 13 Block have all embarked on solo careers. Stavo notably released “TVX”, and Oldpee dropped his project “Je m’appelle Sidi“. Zed unveils the first extract from the project, track 8, “Zedeudé“.
The instrumental composition of the track is the work of Seysey, a renowned producer who has produced “Thibaut Courtois” by Shay and “Reine” by Dadju. The instrumental production is electric, highly dynamic, with a fast-paced beat.

Zed adopts the codes of Malcolm X!

The artist delivers his egotrips with finesse:
“Je veux même pas laisser tomber un gramme, je veux que fumer la faune et la frappe.”

The visual of the track begins with a speech voiced by Denzel Washington‘s French voice in “Malcolm X” (Emmanuel Jacomy). We see Zed in a public meeting like Pastor Malcolm X. And like him, he faces an assassination attempt. His new album is titled “Malcolm“.

The visual essentially reproduces certain scenes from the movie, such as when Zed is driving a car. It is signed by Bishop Nast, who recently directed the visuals for “Plaqué 13” by Alonzo, “On la pas choisi” by Lacrim, and “Booster” by Larry.

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