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Djimi Finger chooses Benjamin Epps to launch “Beat Hit”!

The Golden Age of French rap, or rather its first golden age, if one considers that the second has already begun according to some, is characterized by the Secteur Ä of Passi, Arsenik, IAM, the Fonky Family, NTM, ATK, and others. Djimi Finger stands among the craftsmen of this blessed era.

Djimi Finger: An Icon of the Golden Age!

He worked as a producer notably with Arsenik, but also with Passi, Keny Arkana, and the Neg’Marrons. Unlike some of his peers like Rim’K, he refused to follow current sound trends and released a project. With “Beat Hit,” he brings back the vibe of the 90s in an American way and enlists heavyweights of the game. Who better than Benjamin Epps, the rapper with the sharpest flow in the Game, to defend the first track of his project?
This instrumental composition signed by Djimi Finger exhales the scent of New York rap. A slight sampling reminiscent of the good old days when rap was reserved for an enlightened elite of listeners. But since 2019, “urban music” reigns supreme on French airwaves. Djimi Finger greatly contributed to “Quelques gouttes suffisent” by the group Ärsenik. There, you’ll find some classics crafted masterfully like “Sexe, Pouvoir et Bifton.” Benjamin Epps pays tribute to this emblematic album of French rap: “Violence won’t be necessary, a few drops are enough.”

Djimi Finger chooses Benjamin Epps to launch “Beat Hit“!

Who else but Benjamin Epps in the end? The rapper from Belle Vue delivers some rarities in terms of punchlines, pearls like: “This is also for all my brothers who served the white / And who got stuck, it was lost in advance” and “It will take more than a sunset to stop the young.” Punchline after punchline, it seems like Benjamin Epps is an artist from the 90s, rejuvenated by a fountain of youth. With his project “Vous n’êtes pas contents ? Triplez,” the rapper had already delivered some phases.
The visual starts with a VHS effect, a nod to a bygone era. It was directed by a certain Mister Marabout. The visual is sleek. Yes, rap emerged from the ghettos of the Bronx, but today, it’s synonymous with style. The director managed to infuse a lot of personality into this clip despite its simplicity. Moreover, he collaborated with Suka Ntima on his latest video.

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