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Shay vibes with “Santa Fe”!

Shay unveiled her album “Santa Fe” on January 19th, featuring collaborations with Gazo, Niska, and SCH. The entire jury of Netflix’s Nouvelle École is gathered in the singer’s latest project, including one of the three rappers who sold the most albums in 2023, Gazo, who shares the top three with Jul and Ninho. With “Santa Fe”, the rapper, true to herself, reveals a completely explosive track.

Shay vibes with “Santa Fe”!

The musical composition of this hit is the work of Jo à Touch & Scar. The former has previously collaborated with Shay on the track “Liquide”. He has also worked with Wiz Khalifa on “Let it go”, and with Gims on the track “Mon cœur avait raison”. As for Chop, he contributed to the creation of Fresh‘s hit, “Chop”, which earned him the first installment of Nouvelle École. He also produced Gazo‘s “Kassav”.
The production is electric, rhythmic, and powerful, characteristic of the style that Shay has cultivated throughout her career, with tracks like “Cabeza” and “PMW”. The rapper hasn’t lost any of her impertinence, already evident in the refrain with the punchline: “No need to try a hundred, if I let you go, I know you’ll come back the next day” or “We’ve got fire to the roof, as long as it rains“.

The visual, a true work of artistry, places Shay in a prison. Since her debut with visuals from the album “Jolie Garce”, the singer has opted for very cinematic renderings. She even created a remake of the movie “Sin City” in her video “Commando”. Guillaume Doubet accompanied her throughout the production of visuals for her latest project, including the videos for “Commando” and “Sans Cœur”, featuring Niska.

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