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Zamdane Reveals His “Monsters”!

After eloquently painting la “Couleur de ma peine” in 2022, Zamdane returns to the forefront of the music scene with his latest masterpiece, “Solsad”. This new album stands out with exceptional collaborations with renowned artists such as Josman, Pomme, Kekra, and So La Lune. Originating from Marrakech, Zamdane settled in Marseille, where he was inspired by the creative bubbling of the artist’s quarter in Cours Julien, leading to his first writings. Over time, his talent, reminiscent of Jul‘s productivity and Damso‘s tormented depth, led him to produce a series of freestyles themed around “Starved”. His artistic mastery is now undisputed among connoisseurs, as evidenced by his single “Monstre”, a work both poetic and aesthetically refined, celebrating his journey and internal struggles on the occasion of his album release.

Zamdane Reveals His “Monsters”!

In a poignant interview in 2022, Zamdane shared his devouring passion for music: “I live for music, it’s music that gives meaning to my life, it’s not a lifestyle, it’s essential, you see, like drinking water.” This passion has always lent a poetic dimension to his journey in French rap, from his early days with the title “Padme”, from one of his first EPs, where he played with words to express his deepest feelings. The track “Monsters” continues on this path, exploring his own abysses with melancholy. The soundtrack, a collaboration between DANCE and JY Prod, blends melancholy and melody, punctuated by poetic touches of piano. DANCE, having previously worked with Zamdane on titles like “Boyka” and “Affamé #8”, and producer for Hamza and behind “Les raisons de la colère” by IAM, brings his expertise. JY Prod, omnipresent on Zamdane’s first EP, “20’s”, also contributes to this enchanting atmosphere.
The artist demonstrates remarkable mastery of his flow, varied and dynamic, which, far from any monotony, injects rhythmic energy into this deeply melodious piece. Through his music, Zamdane chooses to confront the reality of his existence, between joy and desolation, far from the illusions of fantasy.

The video, shot in black and white in an evocative setting such as a Coliseum, stages the shadows of his past demons, capturing the aesthetic essence of the work. Directed by Lucas Courtin & Hugo Gatefait, not accustomed to the world of urban music videos, this visual is on par with the exceptional “BODY AGREEMENT” by Lamarre.

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