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The dynamic duo Ashe 22 and Gazo launches the invigorating “GO”!

On December 1st, Ashe 22 brilliantly unveiled “KH-22”, a masterpiece bringing together the talents of Gazo, Maes, and Baby Gang. Emerging from the promising collective Lyonzon, this rapper now claims his spot on the international stage with undeniable charisma. His journey is highlighted by prestigious collaborations with Central CEE and Baby Gang, not to mention the phenomenal album “Riyad Sadio”, co-created with Freeze Corleone, following a series of “Scellé” freestyles that captivated the 667 audience. Today, he forcefully returns to the spotlight with “GO”, a powerful collaboration with Gazo, underscoring their foundational influence within the French Drill movement, potentially positioning them as its pioneers.

The dynamic duo Ashe 22 and Gazo launches the invigorating “GO”!

Constantly evolving within a dark universe, the alliance with Gazo remains true to this intense atmosphere. In a recent interview with Konbini, Ashe 22 unveils an unexpected side of Gazo, humorously describing him as “funnier than one might think”. On his part, during a conversation with Booska-P, Gazo shared his moment of doubt, contemplating quitting music before the success of “Drill FR” solidified his calling.

The instrumental signature of Tha Trickaz, a beat-making duo with Vietnamese heritage, infuses the track with a unique identity in the rap landscape. Their talent shone on tracks “Yasser” and “Intro” from the joint project between Freeze Corleone and Ashe 22, as well as “Inceste” for Gazo. This composition, pulsating with a baile funk-inspired drum beat and enriched by an “Oud” sample, a frequently used Arabic instrument, injects captivating energy into the piece. Similarly, Ziak blends Oriental sounds into his creations, right from his debut with Akimbo.

At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the icon of Paris and emblem of Paris Saint-Germain, the duo reignites the flame of Drill, a musical genre that conquered France after London and Chicago. Gazo, despite diversifying his musical horizons since his album with Tiakola, remains a figurehead of “Drill FR”, retaining his innate talent.

The video, a work by the talented William Thomas, needs no introduction. An influential director in the French rap scene for a decade, Thomas has collaborated with both independent artists and celebrities, notably directing the impactful video for the collaboration between Heuss L’Enfoiré and Gazo.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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