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Zamdame holds his “Mélancolie criminelle” to the tune of a piano!

Zamdane holds his “Mélancolie criminelle” to the tune of a piano! Zamdane settled in Marseille several years ago. The artist “Affamé” has been stringing together freestyles, standing out for his writing ease. He raised the banner of text-based rap high. Then, as if to cap off his momentum, after a few projects, he unveils “Couleur de ma peine” in 2022 featuring Dinos, Jazzy Bazz, and Soso Maness. If you’re surrounded by talented rappers, it’s because you’re one too. He comes to perform at Colors with a certain Sofiane Pamart accompanying him on the piano (his favorite instrument).

Zamdane holds his “Mélancolie criminelle” to the tune of a piano!

Rappers are pushing the boundaries of urban music further and further. Colors has become the new arena of originality and creativity. For his performance, Zamdane is accompanied by Sofiane Pamart. It’s neither rap nor slam; it’s simply the new “Chanson française“.

Sofiane Pamart made his debut accompanying some rappers. We remember that piano melody complementing the voice of Demi Portion in his series “Le Dico” in a famous episode. Then, Pamart also crossed the porous boundaries of musical genres. We find him on “Alba” alongside Bon Entendeur. Today, his name, his alias rhyme with piano and poetry. Sofiane Pamart has become the “piano” of rap and much more.

On a melancholic note, Zamdane, the hungry one who has always carried nostalgia, comes to narrate the daily life of many young people. No stories of guns or easy women, Zamdne maintains his street credibility through sincerity and talent for writing. He steals the show in this episode of “Colors” with his “Mélancolie criminelle“.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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