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GLK and  Ashe22  take flight with “Fly”!

The highly anticipated return of GLK with his EP “VIDI” since Friday, February 23, is making waves. It’s evident that the rapper is embarking on a triptych in three parts, titling them after the famous words of the Roman army’s motto: “VENI”, “VIDI”, “VICI”. The second installment has just seen the light of day, accompanied by collaborations with Ashe22 and Mougli. Notably, the track featuring Ashe22 has just been visualized.

GLK and  Ashe22  take flight with “Fly”!

The musical production of this captivating track is signed by Marcelino. This talented beatmaker is no stranger to GLK’s successes, having already produced hits such as “Tijuana 93 %”, in collaboration with Landy, Hornet La Frappe, and Landy, as well as the single “Maudit”. His collaboration with renowned artists like Gazo and Kalash Criminel doesn’t go unnoticed. The musical composition, both powerful and dark, provides the perfect backdrop for the sharp punchlines of the two rappers, delivered over an irregular yet catchy rhythm.

It seems that Lyonzon has brought his touch of darkness to this track. The themes addressed by the rappers, as well as the atmosphere of the track, are dark and gripping. On the subject of money, GLK declares, “Your death isn’t even worth 10K”, while Ashe22 questions, “But who said money doesn’t bring happiness?”.

The video, shot at Bercy by Hustler Game, offers a captivating glimpse into the artistic universe of the two rappers. This production company, known for its work in the independent rap scene, has just finished filming the latest music video for Mac Tyer, “Derrière ça”.

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