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Werenoi and SDM: Headed “Dans un verre”!

A week after the release of his latest track, “Pyramide,” the numbers are simply outstanding for the talented artist Werenoi, who has generated over 4,898,415 million streams in just 24 hours. Through his album, the artist has successfully brought together the cream of French rap, including names like Damso, SCH, Maes, Aya Nakamura, Hamza, and SDM. Notably, the visual for his collaboration with SDM has just been unveiled to the public.

Werenoi and SDM: “Dans un verre”!

Recently, the rapper from Montreuil celebrated his success on BFM TV while remaining humble: “Everything could stop tomorrow.” He also shares valuable advice for those aspiring to follow his path: “lots of hard work and determination.” SDM, who had already received a gold record for “Ocho,” has become a prominent figure in French rap over the years. This collaboration marks their first artistic partnership.

The musical composition is the work of RS JACKS and Masta, a duo of beatmakers from Vigneux-sur-Seine who have collaborated extensively with artists like Djadja & Dinaz and Naps, particularly on tracks like “Elvira” and “T-shirt croco.” Their musical journey also includes an experience in Sweden with the late Swedish rapper Einar. The composition is characterized by its slow tempo, melancholy, and the two artists reflect thoughtfully on their experiences in the streets.

This is truly an authentic single, where Werenoi and SDM explore emotions without relying on punchlines or anecdotes from their lives. The music video, directed by Black Anouar and scripted as a mini-short film, aligns perfectly with the theme of the track. It gives the impression that the two artists are providing commentary on the unfolding short film.

Director Black Anouar from Black Vision is also known for leading the series “Or Noir” broadcasted on M6. Recently, he has also directed visuals for Alonzo.

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