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Mac Tyer explains what lies “Derrière tout ça”!

In 2021, Mac Tyer unveiled the final installment of his trilogy “Noir.” The artist has an extraordinary and distinctive journey. Before venturing into his solo career, he was part of the group Tandem. The 93 owes much to this group that pushed the boundaries of rap and was avant-garde in many aspects. With “9.3 Hardcore,” the rapper composed the anthem of his department long before “Le 9.3 sur le drapeau” by NTM and Sofiane. Additionally, with his triptych “Le Jugement,” he laid the groundwork for storytelling, now adopted by many rappers from SCH to Médine. The rapper makes a grand comeback with the single “Derrière tout ça,” marking a true upheaval in his artistic direction.

Mac Tyer explains what lies “Derrière tout ça“!

On his own, Mac Tyer embodies Aubervilliers. Between his associative and cultural activities and his recent interest in fashion, the General is to Aubervilliers what water is to the sea. These two entities are inseparable. By taking charge of Remy‘s career, he has also become a transmitter within hip-hop culture. But what drives this rapper to always emphasize his department? In an interview with Yards during the release of his latest project, he stated: “So, I have always been a unifier, but the importance of declaring that I come from Aubervilliers or that I come from the 93 is crucial to defining my identity. It is essential that people know where you come from before understanding where you are going. I don’t know how to explain it. Even when you progress, it is always necessary to remember where you come from, like the saying “memento Mori.” It is also a transcription of a saying from the traveling people: “If you don’t know where you’re going, remember where you come from.”

Therefore, this significant return with “Derrière tout ça” was done under the guidance of the beatmaker OG’s. A renowned name among French beatmakers, he collaborated with Booba on “5G” and recently on “Rebel,” an extract from his latest project. He also produced “Hier encore” by SDM and had previously collaborated with the General on the track “Promesse.” The composition is powerful, completely in line with current trends. Far from being old school, it could even be reminiscent of the new wave initiated in Chicago a decade ago.

It’s surprising to see Mac Tyer evolve in this genre. The title is taken from his new project “La vie du triple OG.” He had announced the release of this double album on Skyrock. Surprising because even proteges of Mac Tyer like Remy started their career (“C’est Remy“) by endorsing a more old school and well-written rap. However, things have changed. With caustic punchlines, technical flow, Mac Tyer, in his stylistic exercise, transforms and achieves success. In his presentation, the rapper dissects the ins and outs of each subject, exposing the causes and consequences.

The visual, featuring a masked and performing Mac Tyer amidst emptiness, was directed by Hustler Game. A true industry within rap that has been developing for a decade, Hustler Game has notably directed the latest Gips released this week, as well as the collaboration between Timal and Zed, and that between Lamatrix and Leto.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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