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“Game Over” stands out as a foundational project within collective rap initiatives!

The compilations “Game Over” have become a true tradition in the rap world since the mid-2010s. Before the emergence of “Game Over” compilations, Sofiane‘s “93 Empire,” projects by DJ Quick, and the collective projects of Jul reflected an era where solidarity among rappers was rather scarce.

“Game Over” stands out as a foundational project within collective rap initiatives!

After the initial collective projects “Hostile” and “Première Classe,” rap went through a selfish phase lasting over a decade. It took courageous initiatives launched by Ibra from Studio 50K, and notably by Sofiane and Jul, for a new synergy to emerge in the rap landscape. Today, collective projects are on the rise, artists collaborate on joint albums, and since 2019, urban music dominates as the most listened-to genre in France.

However, the latest installment of “Game Over” is now available. This project brings together, as usual, heavyweights of the rap scene. “Game Over 3 Terminal 2” features collaborations with El Grande Toto, Joé Dwet Filé, Niro, MIG, Beendo Z, Lybro, Larry, Kerchak, Levelsantana, La Mano 1.9, Genezio, Gambino la MG, and L2B Gang. On the production side, we find Takechi on several tracks, along with BLNPROD, Draco, and Finvy.

With Beendo Z and Kerchak, Gambino la MG and Level Santana, it’s the new, authentic, and powerful French rap scene supported by the pioneers, the ancestors of rap who never disappeared from the scene, like Niro. Alongside El Grande Toto, the Moroccan star, and Joé Dwet Filé, “Game Over” takes a fresh direction.

Once again, it’s a significant project that we eagerly await, heralding the upcoming release of “Game Over Terminal 3.”

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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