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Werenoi reaches the summit of the “Pyramide” with the participation of Damso!

Werenoi has just unveiled his project, teaming up with the true elite of rap, including notable names such as Damso, Hamza, Aya Nakamura, SCH, and Maes. By collaborating with these multi-platinum artists, the Montreuil-based artist makes a grand entrance into the rap scene in the most stylish manner. To celebrate the release of his project, he reveals the visuals for “Pyramide”, the eponymous title of his album, with a team of maestros at the helm.

Werenoi reaches the summit of the “Pyramide” with the participation of Damso!

Damso had announced the end of his career at the conclusion of his opus “Lithopédion” in the track “Wiliam”: “Last album or maybe not, life will tell.” He reiterates these words in the track “Pyramide”, announcing the last featuring of his life. Thus spoke Damso, an extraordinary artist who announces a new album amid a puzzle sprinkled with letters from the Greek alphabet. We’ll see if “Qalf” continues the legacy.

Werenoi has also surrounded himself with the best beatmakers on the planet. For the track “Pyramide”, the choice fell on BBP. BBP is a French beatmaker signed with QLF, notably contributing to PNL‘s discography with tracks like “Naha” and “Onizuka”. He has also collaborated with Damso on the track “N. J Respecte R” from the album “Ipséité”. A few international collaborations are under his belt, including a track with Offset. The production is cloudy, or rather atmospheric. Damso and Werenoi step into the dream crafted by BBP and pay homage to the beatmaker.

Werenoi and Damso follow up with caustic and comprehensive punchlines: “Don’t act tough, you came into this world for the paper.” Damso, often imbued with melancholy in his personal tracks or, conversely, powerful and uncompromising egotrips, initiates his Face B for a burst of impertinence. Werenoi plays with styles and words undisturbedly, delivering his verses with flow variations. They stand atop the “Pyramide”.

The video attempts to delve into the intimacy of the rappers, signed by La Crème Film. La Crème, as renowned as his namesake Lacrim (who doesn’t exactly operate in the same style), has completed numerous visuals. He has recently collaborated with Niska and unveiled a commercial film featuring Ninho and Omega.

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