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The triumph of Lyms with “les sommes”

From the very beginning, Lyms has lived to the rhythm of music, a heritage rich and eclectic. “My father, a passionate Raï musician, lulled me with his melodies and the harmony of synthesizers from my birth. My uncles indulged in breakdancing, immersing me in a diverse musical universe from my earliest childhood. This cultural wealth has paved my path: singing and rapping today, I owe it all to this undeniable legacy.” His foray into rap began with the ephemeral group “AES”, marking the start of his musical journey.

A fresh wind blows for Lyms

Signing with Polydor, Lyms launches “comme les autres”, a vibrant collaboration with Kanoe, the rising star of Belleville’s rap scene. This success was quickly followed by “pluie”, a solo title that catapulted him to musical sensation status. Always on stage, especially opening for DTF concerts, his iconic chorus resonates and unites the hearts of the audience. Now under the banner of “Lune Air Records”, he celebrates his triumphant return with “les sommes”, the cornerstone of his new project “RESET”.

The triumph of Lyms with “les sommes”

This work, a collaboration between Donnelli, Hydro4K, and Iliesse Belhaouari, with Hydro4K renewing his involvement after “Miseria” and “Mental”, marks a significant evolution in Lyms‘s career. This title, with its chill yet dynamic sounds, signifies a true musical revolution, underscoring Lyms‘s undeniable talent as a lyricist.

The visual production of this single, entrusted to No Way, is an explosion of energy and power. The director, already known for the success of the “Netflix” video for Bassirou, brings to “The Sums” a vibrant aesthetic that refreshes the rap scene, often stuck in recurrent themes. This video is a real breath of fresh air, enriching the musical landscape with a new artistic vision.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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