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DTF returns to their roots with “Tant de choses”!

DTF returns to their roots with “Tant de choses“. DTF is part of PNL‘s QLF, and few rappers can say the same, as the “Deux frères” are secretive and reserved. A few months ago, DTF unveiled his “Karma” with a single and unique feature with Moha MMZ. Until the project’s reissue, the two artists will release a new track every two weeks. Returning to their roots with “Tant de choses.”

DTF returns to their roots with “Tant de choses“!

The first excerpt from the reissue of “Karma,” “Sans le savoir,” paid homage to the audience that has followed DTF throughout the past months. The second excerpt, Liberta,” was a cover of a famous song by Nathalie Cardone. For this third excerpt, DTF returns to their classics with a track that resonates like clouds, in the same ethereal theme that is DTF‘s unmistakable signature.

The music video was created using artificial intelligence by flopjpg & ksgraph9. It immerses you in images reminiscent of the QLF universe. You might even spot references to previously released music videos.

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