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Sicario Shares His “Silence”

At the close of 2023, Sicario unveils his project “Silence”, marking his debut under Booba‘s label 92i with an innovative approach. This project is showcased through the release of three distinct music videos: “L’éprouvé”, “Équipe solide”, and “Victoire”. Each piece shares a thematic connection, characterized by a slower bpm that conveys a sense of melancholy. Sicario, known for his sharp flow, ventures more into singing than rapping in these tracks, highlighting the introspective quality of Booba‘s latest protégé.

In an intimate conversation with “Back”, Sicario reflects on a youth distant from music, describing it as “an adolescence like any other”. He also opens up about his time in prison during a period when his peers were graduating high school, stating, “It’s not a source of pride, but it served as an alternative to military school.”

Sicario Shares His “Silence”

The opening track, “L’éprouvé”, crafted by Biggie Joe, showcases the French beatmaker’s seasoned expertise, previously working with Psy4 de la Rime, collaborating with Nekfeu and S.Pri Noir on “Juste pour voir”, and producing “Luna” for Moha La Squale. A haunting piano sample pairs with Sicario‘s poetic flow:

“Dry your tears, sell the powder, suffer, step back, stay sharp
You can’t leave this business, having sacrificed more than seven years”

Against a stark white backdrop, Sicario delves into his experiences with the drug trade and music, moving onto “Équipe solide” in a vividly different setting, accompanied by an armed and a masked man.

Sicario Delivers Three Tracks in a Singular Visual Performance

The composition of “Équipe Solide” is a collaboration between H-Chen and XKZOO, who previously worked together on “Libre” for Sicario. XKZOO also produced “11%” for GLK. Like its predecessors, the track features a piano sample, with Sicario exploring his life’s narrative through a mix of raw lyrics and a more poetic delivery.

Concluding with “Victoire”, produced by Capotrck, known for his recent work on “6G” for Booba, the track slows down, carrying the melodic theme that has been present since the beginning of “Silence Partagé”. Sicario occasionally reflects on his past with regret:

“Disgusted by the street and its horrors
I’ve let down brothers and made mistakes”

The music video, crafted by Fullblvck, close associate of Booba‘s 92i, directed “Signé” for Booba, heralding his album “Ad Vitam Aeternam”. Recently, he also worked with Saamou Skuu on “NFL”. Opting for a theatrical staging against varying shades of white, Fullblvck introduces an intriguing concept to the visual narrative of the three tracks.

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