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DA Uzi plunges us into “another world”!

Since the release of “Le Chemin des braves” in 2022, the activity of the artist has intensified with a proliferation of singles and freestyles. This frenzy hints at the preparation of a new project. This creative dynamic is also accompanied by a deeper exploration of his artistic identity through diptychs on some of his freestyles, highlighting the two facets of his persona: the man of the streets and the accomplished artist. His latest single, “Michael Jordan,” however, has no connection to the legendary basketball player.

DA Uzi plunges us into “another world“!

The track, signed by BBP, benefits from meticulous production, where piano notes merge with palpable melancholy, supported by a catchy refrain. Since “L’architecte,” his previous album, DA Uzi has expanded his artistic exploration, occasionally forsaking pure stylistic exercises for more complex and rich compositions.

Through the lyrics, the artist confronts his contradictions: “She wants me to take her dancing, but I’m in another world.” This duality reflects the daily struggles of many young people torn between their aspirations and their environment.

The video, directed by Hustler Game, continues to explore the streets of rap, pushing it to new heights. Renowned for their hard work, this team has recently collaborated with heavyweights such as GLK, Ashe 22, and contributed to the latest project of Mac Tyer.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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