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The ‘La Cosa’ Collaboration: ISK & Kalash Criminel

ISK‘s upcoming album is set to be unveiled on . Titled “L’art de la guerre” (The Art of War), this album follows the “Racine” (Roots) project, which brought together Mig, Heuss L’enfoiré, Niaks, and Mister You. The artist hailing from the “77” region has just revealed a new excerpt from his project, a collaboration with Kalash Criminel. The track, titled “Sauvage” (Wild), is characterized by its technicality and well-crafted lyrics.

The instrumental production of the track was entrusted to 9th, a young beatmaker who delivered an impeccable performance, perfectly aligned with the casual chic theme that Kalash Criminel introduced a few months ago under the name “La sauvagerie” (The Savagery). The track also features some remarkable punchlines, such as this one: “In Africa, you may die poor, but they bury you under a gold mine.”

The music video, directed by Dylan Alexis for Blackvision, introduces ISK‘s upcoming album with a concept reminiscent of what we’ve seen from Heuss L’Enfoiré in the track “Les Méchants” (The Bad Guys). The video maintains a street aesthetic that captures the essence of the track, evoking the world of the streets.

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