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BRAV Drops Plus d’amour: Hear His Social Rebellions

Brav, a founding member of the Din Records label, stands out within this collective. While Medine, also a member of the label, proudly embraces his Muslim heritage, as evidenced by his collaboration with Booba on the track “Kyll,” Tiers Monde reveals himself to be more anti-materialist than religious, expressing that “money is a good servant but a bad master.” Lastly, Brav, since the beginning of his career, has been more inclined toward social rebellions.

However, Brav doesn’t limit himself to mere words but lets his music do the talking!

He notably delivered the impactful “Brav against the machine,” sampled over a rock instrumental that left a lasting impression. Subsequently, tracks like “Raoni” or “Error 404” have further refined his artistic vision. In 2021, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the artist unveiled his project titled “Parachute.” Two years later, he returns with “Plus d’amour,” a song that is both poetic and finely crafted. However, this melody conveys an atmosphere steeped in tension and rebellion.

Accompanied by the piano notes played by Matthieu Mendès, Brav sings in the midst of a world in decay. The gradual transformation of the French Republic into a capitalist plutocracy is clearly depicted in his lyrics, where everything appears to depend on everything. Through a few verses and this piano melody, the artist expresses the unease that pervades a nation. His style echoes that of another great lyricist of French music, Oxmo Puccino, who once said: “My song won’t save the world, so be it for this time.

Through his music video, depicting an artist navigating through a chaotic environment, Brav reflects the discomfort felt by many French citizens regarding the uncertain path of our collective future. This song aims to be poetic, intelligent, and socially engaged, far from mere consciousness, but above all, it succeeds in giving words to shared emotions.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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