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ISK – Tout claquer

ISK honed his skills on Daymolition, like all the rappers of his generation. His series of freestyles “Acharné” brought him into the big leagues. Insiders recognize his exceptional phrasing and ability to adapt to all kinds of beats. His singles “Vérités” reveal a lot about his lyrical prowess. The rapper already has 3 albums under his belt. He embarked on a long journey, passing through “Palerme”, which will lead him to release his fourth project this fall.

The artist unveiled the single “Tout claquer”. The instrumental production, borrowing from Baile Funk, is signed by Noxious. The Bordeaux-born beatmaker is one of the sharp blades of French rap. He has worked with artists ranging from Ninho to Niska, and even SCH. He produced the track “Ratpis World” by Booba, sampled from “Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

In the track, ISK slightly uses autotune, which is absolutely not typical of him. The song is crafted for the summer and quite enjoyable.

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