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Naza is remixing “Skeu skeu”!

Naza is remixing “Skeu skeu“! It’s the current buzz. Joga, 7io, and Wilsko have created a massive buzz on TikTok with their track “Skeu Skeu.” The track has gone viral, and all the media outlets have covered this phenomenon. The meaning of the term “Skeu skeu is somewhat confusing. One could consider it as a simple onomatopoeia.

Naza is remixing “Skeu skeu“!

Naza, always very active on social media, unveiled the project “B.I.G Daddy Vol 1” in 2022. Since then, he hasn’t released anything new, but he has remained highly engaged on social networks. The artist has specialized in entertaining concepts and tongue-in-cheek covers.

He’s doing a remix of “Skeu skeu” with the assistance of Joga. This is the latest addition to this absolute craze.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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