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Easy Dance Steps To ‘Jogga Wilsko 7ia Skeu Skeu’: A Step-By-Step Guide

“Skeu skeu” is the latest sensation on social media and in real life too! Young people and numerous celebrities have embraced both the expression and the song.

Originally, the title is a collaboration between Jogga, Wilsko, and 7ia, released on September 20, 2023… An explosion had already occurred on TikTok just before that, and since then, the phenomenon has become incredibly popular, surpassing “Qouicoubeh.”

Stars have jumped on the buzz, including Aya Nakamura, Naza, SDM, InoxTag, Ronisia, while on TikTok, there are over 200,000 cover videos.

The strength of the phenomenon also lies in its very simple dance steps.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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