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Take a Mic is back with “No Skip”!

Take a Mic is back with “No Skip“! A lot has happened since the release of “Indisponible” in 2021. Take a Mic is making a strong comeback with the track “No Skip“, showcasing impeccable technique. A smooth and polished piece.

Take a Mic is back with “No Skip“!

The instrumental production of the track is signed by Shabz Beatz. This beatmaker has previously collaborated with artists such as Damso, Gradur, and Nekfeu. Listening to his instrumental production, which embodies the most classical elements, one can observe that the beatmaker has a distinct signature in French rap.

Take a Mic delivers punchlines at a rapid pace with great technicality and precision. It’s clean and flawless. With a video directed by leblanshady, as well-crafted as the music, Take a Mic places technique, aesthetics, and style at the heart of his comeback.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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