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Lacrim has “7 vies”!

Veni Vidi Vici” is the motto of ancient Rome, and it’s also the title of Lacrim‘s new project, already available for pre-order. He unveils “7 vies“, the second extract from his new project.

Lacrim is slowly preparing the release of his new project!

With Corleone II, the first extract from his new project, the rapper from Chevilly-La-Rue celebrates the release of “Corleone“, the album that propelled him to the top. After his release from prison and his signing with Def Jam, the artist achieved his first gold record in 10 days with “Corleone“.
Today, the rapper operates within his own label “Plata o Plomo“. With “7 vies“, he reminisces with his audience about the child he was before becoming a rapper.

According to popular belief, a cat has “7 vies“. Before becoming one of the most important rappers in France, before going through a difficult period in crime, Lacrim was a child who faced significant challenges. It’s because he has “7 vies” that the artist has succeeded. That’s what he tried to portray in this video.

A surprising narrative with Sofiane Pamart on composition.

Lacrim has “7 vies“!

There’s no need to introduce France’s most famous pianist. In “le Dico V“, one of his early features with a rapper, Sofiane Pamart wrote a ballad for Demi Portion‘s series. Then, the pianist collaborated with Hip Hop artists. The fusion between his piano pieces and rap became popular. Recently, Sofiane Pamart participated in a collaboration between Tif and Rim’K, paying tribute to their Algerian origins with mint tea and derbuka.
In this track, he composes a sweet and melancholic melody. He creates the elements of a setting that allow the rapper from the 94 to develop his narrative. The visuals, in perfect harmony with the song lyrics, start with the rapper’s father being arrested. It’s the starting point of the rapper’s agony before his great awakening.

Boum-boum, there’s a knock at the door, you see my father with handcuffs
Childhood is built, it can crack at any moment
Before I entered middle school, that decade marked me

This isn’t the first time the rapper has addressed his childhood. He had already done so indirectly in the tribute to his mother “J’ai mal“. As for the narrative, Lacrim developed a trilogy on the subject “Reda L’Égyptien” in his latest project “Persona Non Grata“. Moreover, in several videos preceding the release of this project, the narrative was already widely used.

After recounting his difficulties during his childhood, the artist finally finds himself in a theater after fleeing the police. It’s a metaphor for what the rapper’s childhood was like. The visuals are signed by Omy Productions, who are only credited on this clip. The clip, in black and white and fully scripted, is perfect for this autobiographical track.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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