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Mac Tyer and Koba LaD draw inspiration from “Snatch”!

On April 19th, Mac Tyer unveiled his latest project titled “Life of the Triple OG,” featuring collaborations with some of the biggest names in French rap, including Dinos, Benjamin Epps, as well as DA Uzi, Kalash Criminel, Lacrim, and Koba LaD. It’s a heavyweight alliance for the General, an iconic figure in French rap, known for hits like “93 Hardcore” with Tandem, and a legendary trilogy culminating in “The Judgment.” Five years ago, in an interview with Melty, the artist stated, “Rap owes me money!”

The rapper from Aubervilliers has just released the video for his track in collaboration with Koba LaD.

Mac Tyer and Koba LaD draw inspiration from “Snatch“!

The musical production of this track is the work of DON’T BLAME JEFF. This producer also contributed to the track “Dope Boyz” for the General. Tidal also credits “Proff366or” for his work on this track. He is a member of the team behind Mac Tyer and is notably known for producing the track “Moto” for Tyer, as well as collaborating with his protege Rémy on “Grammes,” which is part of the soundtrack of “Validé.”
In the first extract from his project “Behind It All,” Mac Tyer adopts a radically different style. Like Rim’K, he effortlessly adapts to current trends. With “Snatch,” named after the iconic 2000s film starring Brad Pitt, the artist perfectly aligns with the style of the new French scene.

Mac Tyer, an old-school rapper?

This track features a minimalist yet impactful musical production, accompanied by Mac Tyer engaging in egotrip with every line, in a visual dominated by dark colors. As for Koba LaD, no stranger to collaborations, he seamlessly fits into this dynamic.
If you want to change your life, I advise you to choose your woman wisely.”

The video for the track, featuring both artists in the midst of nature surrounded by women, was directed by BAEBYMAMA. This director is also behind the latest music video of Wejdene, marking the return of the artist from Feuneu with remarkable aesthetics and exceptional photography.

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