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RK shines in “Coffio” !

In 2022, RK unveiled his album “Mentalité” featuring collaborations with Koba la D, Mig, Guy2bezbar, Eva, and Soolking. The artist has been rapping since his youth. He is the youngest rapper to have achieved platinum certification. Recently, he made a comeback with the freestyle “38”. He continues his momentum with the release of the video for “Coffio”, where he excels over a production by Dreamcut.

RK shines in “Coffio” !

The instrumental production is signed by Dreamcut. This beatmaker has already worked with numerous artists in the rap scene, including Hayce Lemsi on tracks like “Corner”, “Pyramide”, and “Faya”. He also contributed to XV Barbar with the track “Pris pour cible”. For this piece, he crafted a classic instrumentation with a melodic touch, leaving ample space for RK to express his flow.
In a recent interview with Backs, the artist emphasized that rap allows him to “convey messages”. After his recent evolution, the rapper from 77 excels in ego-tripping with precision. He is a true aesthete!

The video, starting in a ghetto, tells the story of a getaway. The staging was done by Bien Vu Production. This production company is very active in the rap scene. It has just released videos of Beendo Z, Gims, and the collaboration between Tif, Rim’K, and Sofiane Pamart.

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