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An Artistic Renaissance with “Corleone II” for Lacrim

The revelation of the latest chapter of the “R.I.P.R.O” saga by Lacrim has sparked rumors of retirement, a scenario already considered for other rap heavyweights such as Booba, who despite announcing his retirement following an epic concert at the Stade de France, surprised with a new project shortly after. However, the legend of Lacrim truly took flight with the masterful opus “Corleone”.

The Triumph of Lacrim with “Corleone”

Signing with the prestigious label Def Jam and achieving a gold record just ten days after its release, Lacrim engraved his name in the fabric of French rap. His life then unfolded far from the Hexagon, a journey marked by highs and lows, reflecting the torments of an artist in constant evolution. His recent EPs and numerous international collaborations, particularly his eponymous project “Lacrim”, bear witness to an inexhaustible creativity. The track “Code Barre” exposes his introspection and doubts, echoing the words of a fellow rapper from the ’94: “Are we handing them the stick to beat us with?” And it’s with renewed force that he presents “Veni Vidi Vinci”, an album promising to be a new celebration of his talent.

An Artistic Renaissance with “Corleone II” for Lacrim

The album “Corleone II” heralds an artistic rebirth for Lacrim, a memorable stylistic turning point orchestrated by the melodists Franklin and Chahid. Franklin, a producer and guitarist from Marseille’s Blue Sky Publishing, enriches this album with a rhythmic electro production, reminiscent of the warm reception accorded to “l’autre dimension” by Akhénaton with “Electro Cypher”. Lacrim’s work stands as a meteor in the musical firmament.

This album marks the return of authentic gangsta rap, long concealed since the era when, as affirmed by Diam’s, “rappers make videos with their butts squeezed into skinny jeans”. With his sharp punchlines, Lacrim throws down a challenge:

“You think I’ll smoke you for a sideways glance, nah (Sideways glance, nah)
I’ll let you believe you’re the strongest on Earth (On Earth)
My boy, I have way too much to do (Too much to do)”

The music video for “Corleone”, shot in Phuket and directed with the support of local Hells Angels, celebrates the ten years since the album that launched the exceptional career of Lacrim. Directed by Arg Visual, known for his close work with the artist, notably on a recent project with Baby Gang, the video is a visual ode that foreshadows the triumphant arrival of his next album.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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