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Jul unveils the captivating title “Holà Que Tal?”!

On June 7th, Jul enhanced his discography with prestigious collaborations including SDM, Morad, Houari, Kamikaz, A-Deal, Moubarak, and Zbig. The artist, known for his prolific output, has unveiled over a dozen diverse projects, ranging from studio albums to “free” productions. Since his debut album “Dans ma Paranoïa”, every release has earned at least one gold record. In 2019, he emerged as the best-selling French rapper in history.

Today, he returns to champion his new project with the captivating single “Holà Que Tal?”.

Jul unveils the captivating title “Holà Que Tal?”!

The soundtrack for this new single was crafted by Mb beats, a long-time collaborator. He has previously worked on standout tracks such as “BB” and “Vrai Sancho” from his latest album, as well as “J’fais que danser”. Mb beats has also collaborated with Marseilles rapper Graya on tracks like “Dans la peau” and “Gang”. The music, infused with Latin rhythms, is emblematic of Jul‘s unique style which has greatly contributed to his fame.

True to his essence, Jul authentically depicts his life experiences in his hometown through heartfelt and piercing lyrics:

"Mind your own business, who are you ordering around?
    Stop playing the gangster, for a bit of money, you'd betray your friends."

The video, directed by the talented William Thomas, showcases Jul and the lucky winners of an Instagram contest exploring the vibrant streets of the city. They attend a fiery concert and capture the moment with photographs. Known for his close connection with his fans, Jul continues to nurture this relationship. The director is also renowned for his exceptional work on the video for “Mafiosa” by Jul.

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