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Mac Tyer shines in “Carré VIP”!

The legendary return of Mac Tyer, also known as Socrate, resonates once again in the rap world. As a pioneer with the group Tandem, he has made his mark on the music scene with anthems such as “93 Hardcore” and “Le jugement”, leaving an indelible imprint in Aubervilliers and inspiring artists like Remy, whom he considers his musical heir. Solo, the ‘General’ has continued to honor the authenticity of rap, maintaining unparalleled lyrical quality.

Mac Tyer unveils “La vie du triple OG”!

In April, Mac Tyer launched a project with modern undertones. Like Rim’K, he has embraced musical revolutions while preserving his authentic message. His latest album, featuring 35 tracks, includes collaborations with leading figures of French rap such as Kalash Criminel, DA Uzi, Koba LaD, Lacrim, Dinos, Benjamin Epps, Guy2bezbar, Tiakola, Soso Maness, and Stavo.

The visual for “Carré VIP”, filmed in the most prestigious Parisian nightclubs, showcases Mac Tyer at the pinnacle of his artistry, radiating charisma and control.

Mac Tyer shines in “Carré VIP”!

The soundtrack of the track, created by OG’s, epitomizes urban style. Known for his work on tracks like “5G” by Booba, as well as “Bonne Journée” and “Rebel”, OG’s also enriches Mac Tyer‘s musical universe with songs like “K-Way” and “Compton”. This nuanced composition provides a fertile ground for powerful and committed punchlines.

Staying true to his roots in Sevran, Mac Tyer continues to master his craft:

"I was here long before these dogs. Three-quarters of them can't rap."

The video, directed by Hustler Game Premium, portrays Mac Tyer amidst the vibrant Parisian nightlife. This spontaneous yet successful visual production was done by the same team that recently produced the clips “Freestyle BMF #1” by Koba LaD and “Jamais contente” by Bahysa.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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