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Jul delivers a compelling narrative with “Mafiosa”!

The album “La Mise à jour” by Jul was released on June 7. It features a host of talents such as SDM, the tireless Morad (a Spanish rapper known for his numerous collaborations with his counterpart from Marseille), A-Deal, Moubarak, Zbig, as well as Houari and Kamikaz. In his latest project, this iconic Marseille artist highlights the new wave of Marseille music. The highlight of this project is the video for the track “Mafiosa”, a key song from the album that combines cinematic flair with a nod to his roots.

Jul unveils the incisive track “Mafiosa”!

This album also provides an opportunity for Jul to demonstrate that he is not only a stylistic pioneer who has conquered Europe up to Sweden, but also a top-tier rapper. Since 2019, he has become the French rapper with the highest number of album sales in history, surpassing legends such as IAM and MC Solaar.

Whether in his extensive freestyle sessions on Skyrock or in standout tracks like “La zone en personne”, Jul impresses with his rapid delivery. When the legend Akhénaton joins him for a remix of the iconic “Marseille La Nuit” by IAM as part of the “13 Organisé” project, Jul does more than just sing; he masters the art of the kick. In “Mafiosa”, Jul raps non-stop for five minutes, showcasing his lyrical skill.

The soundtrack of “Mafiosa” is the work of Univers Sound, a long-time collaborator of Jul. He notably contributed to three tracks on the album “Cœur Blanc”, adding a distinctive touch that has contributed to Jul‘s success.

Jul delivers a compelling narrative with “Mafiosa”!

In a true display of ego, Jul leaves his critics in the dust with scathing punchlines like: “I make plenty of mistakes, screw the dictionary”. Despite initial criticism of the lyrics on his album “Je trouve pas le sommeil”, Jul has proven his mastery over his craft.

The video, directed by the well-known William Thomas, is a tribute to Jul‘s Marseille and Corsican roots. Highly narrative, it tells a story of big money between Marseille and Corsica, filmed on board the ferry Girolata, the largest of the Méridionale running the daily route between these two ports.

Amid all these narrative-driven music video projects, a field in which SCH excels, and as his protégé Moubarak has just released a conceptual album, Jul once again embraces the concept with “Mafiosa”. This is not new for him, having previously explored this approach in “Tié fou” and other earlier videos, all directed by William Thomas.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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