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OneSaf – BDF 

Just weeks after captivating his audience with the “Parano” video, OneSaf makes a striking comeback with “BDF,” a vibrant single that takes us to the island of San Andrés in Colombia. Far from depicting a paradise, this new track immerses us directly into the depths of a clandestine operation orchestrated by OneSaf’s character.

Directed by Safouan Slimane, also known as OneSaf, in collaboration with Faiz Mainty, the “BDF” video portrays a criminal team ready to smuggle a secret cargo off the island. Produced by the artist’s own independent label, Intersea Music Entertainment, the video has swiftly garnered the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans.

Musically, “BDF” stands out with its rapid tempo and electrifying atmosphere, a hallmark of OneSaf’s Franco-Latino music style. The lyrics, both intense and poignant, address tough issues such as police violence, gang conflicts, and social divides fueled by current French policies. “BDF,” short for “Bendo de France,” refers to the toughest neighborhoods in France.

This single is more than just a song: it’s a fervent call that brings to light the harsh realities of underprivileged neighborhoods, blending captivating rhythms with impactful lyrics. With its powerful imagery and profound message, “BDF” solidifies OneSaf’s role as a significant and committed voice in today’s music scene.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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