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Jey Brownie Embraces the “Mélodie céleste”!

In February 2023, Jey Brownie graced the music scene with “Faits Divers”, an ambitious collaborative effort featuring notable collaborations with luminaries like Freeze Corleone, Guy2bezbar, and Tiakola. Flem emerges as a pivotal force in France’s burgeoning rap scene, showcasing a distinct affinity for Drill projects. Following an acclaimed performance at Colors, Jey Brownie returned with “Mélodie céleste”, a track drenched in both tenderness and melodious beauty.

Jey Brownie Embraces the “Mélodie céleste”!

Originating from Congo, Jey Brownie shared insights into his musical journey during an interview with “La Pépite” magazine, ahead of the release of “Faits Divers”. He reminisced about his early days in music: “In Congo, I was a choir member in a Catholic church for three and a half years. It was then that I truly developed a passion for music. I also discovered my gift of having a beautiful voice.” With the unveiling of “Mélodie céleste”, his most poetic composition to date, the rapper revisits pure singing, transitioning from his initial forays into more traditional rap.

The instrumental composition of the track is the handiwork of Kevin Magnin and Gautheron Noah. These prodigious beatmakers have closely collaborated with Moroccan rapper El Grande Toto, particularly on his project “27”. Blending pop and afrobeat elements, the composition’s gentleness provides the perfect backdrop for the rapper to refine his style with grace.

The music video positions Jey Brownie at the center of the universe. A pure 3D creation, the visuals were masterfully crafted by Baptiste Erondel, encapsulating the song’s essence in a visually stunning display.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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