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Jey Brownie makes an appearance at Colors with “Dans l’âme”!

In February of last year, Jey Brownie released the album “Faits Divers” featuring collaborations with Freeze Corleone, Guy2bezbar, and Tiakola. The project was composed by Flem. The French producer is the cornerstone of Drill music; everything goes through him. Django even dedicated a project to him. He has just unveiled a new track at Colors in a very unique style.

Jey Brownie makes an appearance at Colors with “Dans l’âme“!

The instrumental composition of the song is the work of Alois Zandry, Sam Poet, and 2sty. Alois Zandry has collaborated with Oboy and Aya Nakamura on the tracks “Préféré” and “Fly“. Sam Poet has also worked extensively with Oboy. Alois Zandry and Sam Poet produced the track “Cruel” together.

For his performance at Colors, Jey Brownie chose the cream of the crop among beatmakers. The composition is a symbiosis of Rumba and European influences. Jey Brownie oscillates between hot and cold with tracks that are very rap-oriented and, here, a sung piece full of melody. Colors is gradually becoming the epicenter of creativity.

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