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For BEN Plg, the spotlight shines on “Guerres de pissenlits”.

In January 2024, BEN Plg unveiled his latest masterpiece, “Dire je t’aime”, featuring collaborations with notable artists like Loud, B.B. Jacques, Georgio, Niro, and Sofiane Pamart. Channeling the essence of a poignant British indie film, the artist crafts a narrative rich in social commentary. Amidst the bravado of alpha male rap and testosterone-fueled ego trips, this Lille-based rapper introduces a layer of tenderness and genuine commitment to his work. His song, “Le goût du sel”, stands as a hallmark of his distinctive approach. He recently showcased this track during his Colors Show, featuring “Guerres de pissenlits” from his new album.

For BEN Plg, the spotlight shines on “Guerres de pissenlits”.

Since 2019, the rapper has shown remarkable productivity. Prior to the release of his significant first project, “Dire je t’aime”, he underwent considerable artistic growth. In a candid moment with Mehdi Maïzi, he expressed his initial reservations about launching his debut album, a venture highly anticipated by both his fanbase and the broader rap community.

Embarking on this new chapter, the artist presents his music over the intricate beats of Le Caméléon, Lucci, and Murer. Le Caméléon has previously collaborated with BEN Plg on “Trucs sentimentaux”. Lucci frequently partners with artists who share a stylistic kinship with BEN Plg, such as Georgio, Josman, and PLK, as noted in their collective work. The somewhat dark composition fits the Lille artist perfectly, as he weaves his lyrics through the bass rolls. Balancing punchlines with rage and ego trips, he remains true to his principles: “Those who talk about money are the ones who have nothing else to say.”

He has recently made a significant impact with his appearance on Colors.

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