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Gazo and Tiakola go solo on “300K”!

Gazo and Tiakola continue to promote “LA MELO EST GANGX,” their collaborative project. Gazo proudly positions himself as the representative of “DRILL FR,” an artistic movement he ardently supports. Within this particularly diverse project, Gazo and Tiakola have delivered tracks with very varied artistic nuances. For “300K,” they combined the two solo singles from the project “100K” and “200K.” The result is both urban and impactful.

Gazo and Tiakola go solo on “300K“!

Gazo is the first to enter the arena with this freestyle. The instrumental composition of the track is signed by Flem, an essential beatmaker in the Drill scene, having collaborated with artists such as Django, Freeze Corleone, and many others. The production is minimalist, powerful, and dark.

Gazo initiates his egotrip in the style that made him known with “Drill FR” and “KMF.” The artist declared on Booska-P‘s mic in his early days, after the release of his first project, that he would make a non-drill track on the next one. Since the absolute success of “KMF” and his entry into the club of the top three most streamed artists each year on Spotify, the rapper also explores more open tracks, as seen in the “LA MELO EST GANGX” project.

Tiakola takes over on a production by Flem and Nassir Kélian. He cuts through the instrumental with precision, technique, and openly affirms his egotrip. Tiakola, too, has experienced notable growth, having already collaborated on a joint project with Niska.

The video, dark yet benefiting from impeccable visual quality, adheres to the codes of the street clip. It was directed by Neetch. The director staged the latest visual unveiled by Gazo and Tiakola in the snow. After “Cartier,” he is also in charge of their latest clip.

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