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The collaboration between Kalash Criminel and Freeze Corleone on “Encore les problèmes” is grabbing attention!

Kalash Criminel unveiled his new album “Bon Courage” last Friday, offering an eclectic selection of collaborations with artists such as Josman, La Fève, Bobby Shmurda, and Freeze Corleone. This artistic diversity reflects the international influence of the Sevran rapper, deeply rooted in his Congolese origins. With the track “Encore les problèmes”, Kalash Criminel sparks new controversies while also concluding others.

The collaboration between Kalash Criminel and Freeze Corleone on “Encore les problèmes” is grabbing attention!

Despite his appearance concealed behind a mask named “La Sauvagerie”, Kalash Criminel emerges as one of the most committed artists in the French rap scene. He addresses sensitive topics such as racism, colonization, and Françafrique. His collaboration with Freeze Corleone, often regarded as France’s most controversial rapper, promised an explosive outcome.

Interviewed by Marouane from Rapunchline two days ago about the track “Encore les problèmes” and a possible allusion to the controversies surrounding his collaboration with Freeze Corleone, Kalash Criminel responded that the track reflects everyone’s daily challenges, offering a universal scope.

The instrumental production of the track was crafted by Tarik Azzouz and Ozhora Miyagi. The former, a renowned French beatmaker in the United States, has previously collaborated with heavyweights such as Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, and Rick Ross. As for the latter, hailing from Liège, he has worked with artists like A$AP Ferg and Tory Lanez, notably producing “Génération Assassin” for Booba. Their composition, both intense and captivating, perfectly embodies the new Drill wave sweeping France in recent years.

The song’s lyrics are both striking and provocative, sometimes flirting with controversy: “Without Africa, their only wealth would be cheese and wine (Hahaha). I’m as happy as a Jew who missed the train”. However, they also express a firm condemnation of Nazism: “Fuck the settlers, fuck the Nazis, we agree (Savage)”. These words are likely to provoke reactions from the traditional press.

The video, directed by the Pinder brothers, offers a striking portrayal of a wartime dialogue between the two artists. The Pinder brothers, already involved in the production of the latest collaboration video between HK La Paille and Tha Horney, confirm their talent in visualizing contemporary music.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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