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Fresh and Innoss’B: A Duo with an Insatiable “Appétit”!

Play Two launches the “Hall of Fame”, a project bringing together French-speaking and international artists. After a first episode featuring Joé Dwèt Filé and Nigerian artist Lojay, it is now Fresh‘s turn to take the stage alongside the talented Innoss’B and Good Nation. This collaboration promises a powerful Afrobeat sound, symbolizing a vibrant Congo represented by both artists.

Fresh and Innoss’B: A Duo with an Insatiable “Appétit”!

Fresh, winner of the first season of Netflix’s Nouvelle École, made a lasting impression with his iconic phrase “allez dehors”. Since then, the Belgian artist has released two projects, “À L’abri” and “P.M.R”, which have been enthusiastically received. Innoss’B, though less known in France, is a prominent figure in Congolese music, amassing hundreds of thousands of views on each of his videos.

The instrumental composition of the track is crafted by Djizzo, a renowned beatmaker who regularly collaborates with Innoss’B. He is notably behind popular tracks such as “Yo Pe”, “Best”, “Pepele”, “Olandi”, and “Lelo Lelo”. The composition, resolutely Afrobeat, is powerful and captivating.

Despite the distance between them, the two artists have created true chemistry around their “date”. The track exudes good vibes, with lyrics like: “I make her believe I’m spoiled rotten that if we meet in Paris, I’ll introduce her to Mbappé”. This summer hit is sure to light up the dance floors.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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