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SCH unveils the first track of “Gulio” ! 

SCH has truly set a distinctive style. Since his debut with “A7”, the Marseille-based artist has relied on visuals that perfectly complement his storytelling. His first attempt with “Gomorra”, an excerpt from the mixtape “A7”, established his style. Since then, the rapper has become the specialist in concept albums in France. With “JVLIVS” and its second installment, the artist has made visual art a new branch of French rap.

SCH returns with the prequel to JVLIVS: Guilo!

Concept albums are not new. In this genre, Ghostface Killah is a pioneer with the first two installments of “Twelve Reasons to Die”, and especially with “36 Seasons”, which tells the story of a man released from prison who discovers all the betrayals he has suffered upon his release. In France, Nekfeu also unveiled “Les Étoiles Vagabondes” in cinemas a few years ago.

But “JVLIVS” by SCH set a trend, as many rappers now follow the same process. For instance, ZKR released a short film to support his project “Mode opératoire, vol 1”. Marseille artist Moubarak also recently released a concept album. Kofs created a four-part web series, but his connections with cinema, especially with the film “Chouf”, precede “JVLIVS” by SCH.

In a few weeks, the Marseille artist will unveil the prequel to “JVLIVS” with “Guilo”.

SCH unveils the first track of “Gulio” !

The instrumental composition of the track was crafted by BBP. The beatmaker is part of the QLF label of PNL. Needless to say, he has composed numerous tracks for the “Deux Frères” of French rap, including “Naha”, “Onizuka”, and more recently “Zoulou Tchaing”. Additionally, he is behind the track “N.J Respect R” by Damso. The composition is perfectly tailored for a SCH track. With its samples, it is majestic and grandiose.

The rapper launches a virulent egotrip. SCH excels in this type of exercise, with some corrosive punchlines like: “Ancien pauvre en zone pavillonnaire de millionnaires, tout est mauve J’me suis pas mis au vert sans t’voir mourir, un mec qui bande, ça pense plus”.

The music video, like the track and the instrumental composition, is utterly grandiose. SCH moves in a luxurious setting that contrasts with the thug world the rapper also embodies. He positions himself between luxury and crime. It is undoubtedly this contrast that Zaven, the director of the visual, wanted to highlight. The director recently directed two videos for the rapper TH: “ADN” and “OVNI”.

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