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Fresh and Kaaris are on the lookout for the “Mauvais Payeurs”!

Fresh unveiled his brand new project “P.M.R” this Friday, March 1st, featuring renowned artists such as Kaaris, Gotti Maras, and Uzi. The first winner of the Nouvelle Ecole, Fresh, is known for his assertive personality on the mic and his powerful style. This time, he collaborates with Kaaris, forming an artistic alliance whose visual is already available.

Fresh and Kaaris are on the lookout for the “Mauvais Payeurs”!

Hailing from Liège, Belgium, Fresh shares in the January 2023 issue of “Tout la culture” the significant changes since his participation in “Nouvelle école“: “I can’t walk down the street anymore, I’m recognized everywhere… I can’t pretend anymore, everyone knows who I am.” With “P.M.R“, he delivers his second project since “A l’abri“, continuing his progression.

The musical composition is the work of Jized. The collaboration between the beatmaker and Fresh dates back to their early days. Jized is behind tracks such as “Allez dehors“, “Kobe“, “Special“, “Midi/Minuit“. Currently overshadowed by Fresh, Jized crafts a minimalist yet impactful production for this new collaboration, where the two rappers deliver rhythmic performances rich in egotrips.

Kaaris and Fresh embody a tumultuous money story in front of Divercity Records cameras. With captivating storytelling, impeccable imagery, and rappers comfortable in front of the lens, Divercity Records maintains its reputation. The Belgian production company, based in Liège like Fresh, has just completed a provocative short film, “P13: Si j’avais“, which has sparked strong reactions in far-right circles.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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