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JKSN plays “Drogba”!

JKSN is an emerging rapper from the 93, specifically from Livry-Gargan. This artist rose to fame with his hit track “Christian Dior”, which surpassed all expectations with over 5 million streams on Spotify. Recently, the rapper collaborated with Leto and Kaaris on the track “Enlève tes pe-sa”, a song shot around Porte de Saint-Ouen, offering a genuine street clip. Newly signed to the label Island Def Jam, he has unveiled his new track “Drogba”, a true neighborhood chronicle.

JKSN plays “Drogba”!

“Viens sur le terrain comme Drogba”! In his latest clip, the rapper from the 93 draws a parallel between the football field and the “field” of dealers. The instrumental composition of this track, a harmonious blend of melody and rap, is signed by Jude Scott. The beatmaker also placed the track “Tesla” with TG Bands.

In this track, the new star from the 93 delivers punchlines, sometimes with impertinence: “ta ch** est kilométrée”, other times with striking lucidity about life on the “field”: “Qu’est-ce que tu me parles de reprendre le bloc là? / Aux p’tits tu vas gratter des clopes toi / Et à force de compter des liasses / Aux mains j’me suis fait des cloques moi”. Like other contemporary rappers, JKSN, with this chronicle on neighborhood trafficking, manages to express a malaise that plagues the youth. NTM had already predicted it: “On fait pas partie de la solution mais plutôt du problème”. With maturity and perspective, JKSN leads a life like Drogba, but on a different field.

JKSN in a real short film!

The visual for this highly cinematic track is signed by Kamerameha. The director, who made his debut with PNL, has since spread his influence throughout the rap scene. His visual signature can be seen on two tracks by UZI, “Joe Frazier” and “Pelican”, as well as on the featuring of Yaro and Ninho titled “Dernier étage”. The visual is majestic, showcasing the undeniable talent that exists in rap.

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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