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DTF drop “Liberta” !

DTF drop “Liberta” ! In 2023, DTF unveiled “Karma,” featuring a single collaboration with Moha MMZ. DTF, a member of QLF, follows in the footsteps of the PNL group. Much like the “Deux Frères,” they maintain an aura of mystery and adhere to a common philosophy: “Que La Famille.”

As a surprising move, DTF presents a remix of the track “Hasta Siempre” by Nathalie Cardone!

In a message on Instagram, DTF hints at their intention to release a new track every two weeks. “Sans le Savoir” marks the starting point of this extended marathon leading to the release of the reissue of “Karma.” In the same message, the group expresses gratitude towards the fans they have met all across France.

The first excerpt from this reissue of “Karma,” titled “Sans le Savoir,” serves as a heartfelt tribute to DTF‘s audience. The music video, incorporating footage from both artists’ concerts, closely follows the supporters of the two rappers. The second track arrives, as promised, two weeks after the first.

The second excerpt from this reissue of “Karma,” named “Liberta,” is a remix of the song “Hasta Siempre” by Nathalie Cardone, paying homage to Che Guevara. The video’s visuals were crafted by Neb, with apparent use of artificial intelligence. This track is notably more energetic than the previous one.

It’s a promising start for DTF and their reissue of “Karma.”

C.E.O HELL SINKY, author, journalist, documentary

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