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Malty 2BZ delivers with “Bang”!

Malty 2BZ delivers with “Bang“! In July of last year, Malty 2BZ unveiled his EP titled “EP097.” After defending this album, he returns with an unreleased track titled “Bang“, a rhythmic and energetic song.

Malty 2BZ delivers with “Bang“!

The instrumental production of this song is the work of three beatmakers. The composition is credited to Nadda, praisewntrr, and manuprodd. This is an international collaboration, with Nadda being an Egyptian-American producer and manuprodd based in Germany. The composition is primarily electronic, characterized by beautiful recurring basslines, providing Malty 2BZ with room to showcase his talent.

The music video contains numerous scenes featuring firearms, but it’s important to note that it comes with a disclaimer. The rapper aims to establish a very street style, and he succeeds perfectly. The video, directed by Spongeproductions, serves as an example of a video that embraces street aesthetics.

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